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Oh boy . . . challenging day today.  Had several appointments scheduled, starting with a visit to our accountant at 9:30am, then taking MIL to get a Holter Monitor put on for heart palpitations.   She’s 92, healthy as a horse but having stability problems.  After the Lab appointment, I was taking her for an Orthotic evaluation to hopefully get her better shoes and support for walking.    She uses Nordic walking sticks to get around generally.  We made a stop at the bank, then headed next door to the lab for an 11am appointment.  We had to navigate down about 4 steps, and then up another 4 steps.  On the very bottom step going down, she grabbed for the handrailing, and missed.  I had taken one step ahead of her anticipating turning around to help her down the last step when suddenly I heard a yell, turned around just in time to see her literally just tipping over.  She had completely lost her stability and down she went. She landed on her right hip and lower back.  Luckily there were two bystanders who rushed over and helped me get her up to her feet again.  She seemed fine and insisted that we carry on to the lab for her appointment.  However, as we sat waiting . . . the more it was obvious she wasn’t ok.  So I packed her up in the car and took her to the ER for evaluation.  Long story short . . . after X-Rays and CatScan . .. a fracture in her right hip.  Not a bad one . . . but it warranted surgery to pin it so that we could get her up and mobile ASAP.  Otherwise – it would be six weeks of bed rest – a death sentence for a 92 year old woman.  We (hubby, his brother and wife) stayed with her until they moved her up to the surgical floor and settled her in for the night.  I live 30 minutes from the hosp – so was tucking myself in to bed around midnight.

This is my 365 Self Portrait Challenge pic of the day . . . taken with my iPad and a bit of editing applied with PhotoShopElements App.

365 Self Portrait Challenge Day Eleven

365 Self Portrait Challenge Day Eleven


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