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“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”  Napoleon Hill

I planted Evergreen Clematis along the front fence  two years ago (Spring 2010).  Last Spring, there was no life  . . . it seems all but one of the vines died in the very cold winter we had.   I never got around to removing the old “dead” plants.  Imagine my surprise this Spring as I’m doing my spring yard cleanup when I discover all five of the supposedly dead vines are sprouting new growth!  What a great example of never giving up!  Just when all hope was gone and I was ready to start fresh with new plants . . . those tough little guys showed me that they are not done yet!  I can’t wait to see them flourish and produce their beautiful white flowers . . . I will certainly post pictures when they do.  

Never give up!  Maybe we need a break now and then, a rest to regain our energy and motivation . . . and then come back stronger and better than ever!




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