“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”   Jesse Jackson

We were out and about in the yard today – gorgeous day after a night of thunderstorms, lightening and heavy rain.  My Great Nephew followed me around as I puttered . . . helping me with trimming, pulling weeds, killing monsters.  All in a days work!

Just before lunch, I pulled out this old metal truck that had been my husbands when he was a child.  The little one was just fascinated with it . . . and I was just fascinated watching his imagination take him away!  No electronics needed, no fancy new toys . . . just room for an imagination to blossom, flourish . . . and get carried away!

Imagination is something I believe is seriously declining in our youth today . . . and I say that with the fear that I am sounding exactly like my mother, and her mother before her.  It’s a scary reality.  Our kids now think that we must entertain them, that they must be provided with all the toys and gadgets they desire.   Without them . . . they are lost, bored . . . they just don’t know what to do.  I’m concerned with where we are taking our kids . . . in to a world of no imagination, because it’s all provided for them in a little box that they are glued to 24/7.   Alarming . . . what is the future that my Great Grandkids will face . . . especially when I consider how much the world has changed in just my lifetime.  

It’s my perception that there is a serious lack of compassion and connection with others, a lack of desire to self motivate . . . a lack of involvement with ones environment.   And when the motivation is there . . . it’s all one sided and selfish.  As one who tends to Nurture others . . . and who strongly believes in community, connection and commitment . . . I struggle with what I see . . .