“For a long time I was looking for my perfect equilibrium, my mojo. And now I think I’m getting there: I’ve found my customer, my silhouette, my cut.”  Alexander McQueen

I decided to play around with spot metering on my D800E.  The light coming in from this window was so  bright and with the colors of the foliage outside the window – I just thought it was so pretty.  I’m surprised at how dark it turned out . . . considering it is bright daylight outside.  

I am so loving this discovery process, as I work through different tutorials and learning tools.  A few years ago I thought I really wanted to get in to the whole area of digital design and digital scrapbooking.  Through this 365 project, I have discovered that my real passion lies in photography.  Specifically documenting the lives of my kids and grandkids and other family members, as well as close-up and macro photography.  

I clearly remember using my little Brownie film camera when I was in high school.  I was in 11th grade, and it was my first experience with photography.  The dark room was a bit intimidating, but I was absolutely fascinated!  And I remember being fascinated by textures and patterns in close-up photography.  I loved the abstract in every day life.  But . . . then I graduated,  married, had kids . . . life happened and all that was put to the side.  Over the years I certainly enjoyed taking candid shots of my family with that little Brownie.  Boy, was I excited the first time I lay hands on a digital camera!  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  I’ve gone through a few of those over the years  . . . all the while documenting life but not following my real passion and developing myself as a Photographer.  In the last two years, I’ve jumped the great divide from being a Point & Shoot Photographer, to a bonafide Digital SLR Photographer who knows how to shoot in something other than Program Mode. It has been, and continues to be, a huge learning curve . . . and I’m loving every moment of it.  

Like the quote says . . . I’ve found my mojo!!