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“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the 400-pound woman perched in front of a slot machine, oozing bum-flesh off her stool as she balanced a cocktail and cigarette in one hand and robotically tugged the slot arm with the other . . . that’s still with me.”  Brian Sack, Banterist, June 15, 2006

There’s alot to be said for that statement.  This is my first trip to Sin City, and as glitzy and glamorous as it is, I was quite amazed at the people who sit mesmerized by these machines for hours and hours just plugging in their money and oblivious of anything going on around them.  I was shocked that in the first hotel we stayed at – we had to walk through a smoke-filled casino to get to the elevators that took us up to our room.  My eyes were burning and my throat felt thick and tight until we got to our room.  There at least, the air was fresh.  

We did go down to one of the many restaurants that flank the casino to get a bite to eat for dinner.  I have to say . . . we had some of the best Chinese food I’ve had in a long time.  It was excellent food, excellent service.  I guess that’s part of the draw here, cheap really good food!  Unfortunately, we won’t go back to that hotel because of the “smokey” experience.  

Since our reason for being in Las Vegas has nothing to do with gambling, drinking, partying or, well – whatever else Sin City is known for . . . I’ll fill you in on the rest of our adventures in the next few posts.




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