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“The camera is much more than a recording apparatus. It is a medium via which messages reach us from another world.”  Orson Welles

I truly believe that it isn’t the equipment that makes the artist.  A good photographer will create amazing photos no matter what camera is used.  However . . . I can’t argue the point that the equipment sure makes a difference in the QUALITY of your photograph.  I have been trying to break in to the Stock Photography business for over a year now and have discovered how difficult it is to get a photograph accepted if it is not absolutely tack sharp and clean with no fuzziness at all.  I have lenses that we bought with our old FX (film) cameras.  At the time we switched to digital, we were so excited that we could use our film lenses on our D100 body.  When I got my D7000 in May 2010, I quickly discovered that the old lenses just didn’t quite do the job on this newer technology.  We bought a 50mm 1.8 and a 35mm 1.8.  The 35mm quickly became my go-to lens for just about everything.  Since I was really only doing close up work . . . it was a perfect fit.  Still though, I had issues with lack of clarity, tack sharpness and over all quality when it came to Stock.  An upgrade was the answer.  So . . . we’ve saved our pennies and finally made our purchase today!  Yay!  I now have a new Nikon D800E, 70-200mm 2.8 VRII, 105mm Macro 2.8 VRII, and a 16-35mm 1:4 VR.  For the D7000 we picked up an 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 VR.  We also picked up an ND8 filter.  I am now loaded for bear!!!  

This shot was taken with the D7000, as I hadn’t even taken the D800E out of the box yet . . . and the look on my face??  Holy #$^%!  What do I do now???  Another learning curve . . . 




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