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“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”  Bern Williams

I am standing here on a dock at 6am in -7 degree Celsius literally freezing my fingers and toes off to capture this amazingly gorgeous shot of the sunrise over the Fraser River Delta.  This is what this 365 Project has done for me . . . it has awakened the passion for photography that has been bubbling below the surface for many many years.  I’ve always had a camera in my hand to record special moments, but I’ve always wanted to really immerse myself in the craft . . . learn how to really utilize my brain, my vision, and the tools available to me to create amazing and thought provoking images.  I’ve had the most fabulous year of learning.  I’ve made  new friends and connected with some fabulous inspirational photographers.  

One more shot to go .  .  .  then what?



“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  C.S. Lewis

I am 60 years young.  I’ve had some pretty great experiences in my life, as well as some not so great.  But that’s life . . . and I create in my life the experience I want from it . . . no matter what “happens” to me.  

Right now . . . I’m sure enjoying this Hawaiian Experience!  

We were in Hanalei today just snooping around for some good photo opportunities.  I saw this old snag out in the middle of the mouth of the Hanalei River and thought it looked like a great 365 photo op.  I carefully set my camera up on the tripod, dialed in the settings I wanted, set the self-timer and away I went to get in position.  I had Glen standing out there to set my focal point.  However, I just couldn’t get out there fast enough.  The current was strong enough that it was hard walking against it.  So this was the best I got.  We did have the pocket wizards with us, but they were in the car at the other end of the beach.  By time we were done running back and forth here . . . I was just kinda done with the whole process.  Time to move on to something else!  I kind like this shot anyway . . . Glen waiting so patiently for me while he is watching the camera take the shots . . . and it’s a lovely view back to Hanalei and the mountains.  

Just another beautiful day in Paradise!



“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”  Julia Morgan

I’m on the road again today . . . headed to the Interior and our cabin at the Lake.  I have passed by this landmark in Spences Bridge for years and years.  Today I finally stopped and used it as a back drop for my 365.  I’d love to know more about the history . . . apparently it was built around 1905 to replace the original church that was destroyed in a large landslide at the original townsite across the river.    It is apparently unused today.    






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