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“Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.”
Charles Simic

I was sitting in my office at my desk working and found myself staring in the mirror opposite me . . . at the photo I had taken this past November of Kilauea Lighthouse from Secret Beach on Kauai.  Such a serene, beautiful island.  On this day, the surf was quite high and powerful.  I am a huge fan of lighthouses, and have a small collection of them.  I suppose it’s the beacon that lights the way that attracts me . . . no matter how dark the night . . . it’s always there to guide one to safety.  There’s also something about the power of the ocean that is so calming and relaxing.  I can sit mesmerized for hours watching the waves and the birds and feel the power of Mother Nature in all her beauty.  I believe that we each carry that beauty within us to share in our own special way – we each are beacons that can shine as brightly as we allow, to inspire others around us to shine also.  

365 Self Portrait Challenge Day Twenty One

365 Self Portrait Challenge Day Twenty One


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