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“My life is my message.”  Mahatma Gandhi

I seem to have a re-current theme in my 365, and that is quite a few photos of me with my grandkids . . . I have this very strong drive to spend time with them, to make sure they know they are cherished and loved and valued.  In actuality, all my Grandkids are fortunate to have many loving and supportive people in their lives.  I happen to be just one of them . . . but do not live close to any of them.  I don’t want distance to be an excuse for them not knowing me, and me not knowing them.  Therefore, I go out of my way to include myself in their lives.  I suppose it could be said that I never felt “special” when I was growing up as one of seven children.  Well, that’s life, and it’s all just an excuse.  I don’t need an excuse to spend time with my kids and Grandkids . . . it’s what I put out there that counts.  I give them my time and my love . . .  




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