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“We ape, we mimic, we mock, We act.” Sir Laurence Olivier

My Granddaughter see’s both her mother & myself with a camera  . . . taking pics of her!  I was working on my laptop, processing pics from the day when I looked over to see this vision . . . she had her Mommie’s camera with the strap around her neck, trying to take a picture of me!  She kept saying “I see you!”  

How precious is that??  I can’t believe that I’m at Day 200!  Only 165 more days to go!  This project has completely changed the way I approach photography.  I see potential in the smallest things, always looking for the light and seeing potential that I would never have considered before.  I know I still have a lot to learn . . . but that’s just part of the process, and what keeps me motivated and focused.  I’m very excited to be participating in a meetup with members of my 365 group in November . . .

Meanwhile I’m so happy to be setting a fine example for the younger generation . . . and hope at least one of them picks up the photography bug!




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