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“I keep telling you the future isn’t set in stone. It’s not all decided yet. The future is just what’s down the road we decided to walk on today. You can change roads anytime. And that changes where you end up.” Catherine Ryan Hyde, Chasing Windmills

Yup – that’s right – we each have choice.  Choice in every step we take in life.  Every move, every action, every reaction . . . go look in the mirror.  Yup – you are in control.  Many believe that God is in control, or Allah, or some other perceived force.  We all have a belief system, some “thing” that justifies or motivates us, or provides the boundaries we need to function in life.  Personally, I believe that no matter who or what I believe in, I am the source of my results .  . . and when it’s not working out the way I wanted or envisioned – then it’s up to me to make the appropriate changes  to get the results I say I want.  

I took this shot out the window of my car as we were driving through the Altamont Pass.  The shadow on the left is my hand.



“Human efforts to harness wind for energy date back to the ancient times, when he used sails to propel ships and boats. Later, wind energy served mankind by energizing his grain grinding mills and water pumps. During its transformation from these crude and heavy devices to today’s efficient and sophisticated machines, the technology went through various phases of development….The earliest documented design of wind mill dates back to 200 B.C. The Persians used wind mills from grinding grains during this period.”

Sathyajith Mathew, Wind Energy: Fundamentals, Resource Analysis and Economics

My daughter lives just off the last exit before the Altamont Pass in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We can see the soldier-like rows of churning windmills from her house.  Today is gorgeous here in the Bay Area, and my first day in three months without any responsibility in taking care of others.  So off I went to do a bit of shopping and exploring on my own.  I quite enjoyed the day to myself.  I feel a bit guilty because I’m here visiting for one day this trip and here I’ve taken off by myself.  On the other hand, I’m kind of reveling in being able to go and do what I want without having to worry about nap times and diaper changes and feeding schedules.  Not that I regret one second of the past month with the baby – but it sure is nice to have a bit of down time.  So – today’s photo brings you a bit of history with it . . .




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