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“There is no abstract art.  You must always start with something.  Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”  Pablo Picasso

We bought a GoProHero 2 just before we came to Hawaii, thinking that it would be a great toy to have in the water when we are snorkeling.   We took it out of the box to pack it for the trip, but otherwise knew nothing about using it.  There actually is quite a process to go through preparing to use it the first time . . . which involves connecting to the Internet and updating it’s software and setting up the wi-fi back pack on it so we can use the iPad or iPhone to control it . . . which of course involved finding the app and downloading it and figuring out how to make it work with the camera . . . all in all quite the process but so cool that we can take pics and video with it thru the iPhone/iPad.  Technology is getting so insane . . .

After all that we were ready for a soak in the hot tub!  By then it was 8pm-ish so we took the little guy with us just to see what we came up with.  I put the camera under water and aimed it at us. This shot is the result.  Kinda cool eh?  Of course it’s no where near the amazing shots I’ve been seeing people post on-line . . . but kinda cool none-the-less.  




“Children’s talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives.” Maya Angelou

We were at breakfast this morning in a favorite local restaurant.  She was a bit cranky while we waited for our food, so out came the iPhone with her beloved Bubble Guppies.  When I snapped this photo, I had to distract her and this is the “stare” that I got . . . how DARE I interrupt her precious show!  

She’s a very resilient child who’s Mommy allows her to fall down and get back up on her own, and figure out solutions to problems rather than jumping in and solving them for her.  At age 20 months she’s already got quite the dialogue, and has no trouble communicating what she is thinking, feeling, or wanting.  I’m so excited to be a part of the journey of her life.




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