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“I think children learn from example.  I don’t believe in raising them in an authoritative atmosphere.”  Kent McCord

I did a photo shoot with my Grand Daughter this morning.  She is going to be Shirley Temple for Halloween.  My Daughter had this completely adorable red and white polka dot dress made just for the occasion.  She’s an incredibly curious almost-2-year-old – so after doing a few different shots with her – I decided to get some shots of her “interacting” with one of my camera’s.  I ended up putting it on the Gorillapod as I was afraid she was going to drop it.  As expected, she was fascinated – especially when I put it on timer mode and had it shooting in 6-shot increments every time the shutter button was depressed.  I love the intent expression on her face in this one.  

I love seeing life with a whole new perception – through the eyes of my Grandkids.  Being a Mom was amazing and I was quite involved and active with my kids growing up.  However, there is a whole other dimension to experiencing life through the eyes of a Grandchild.    




“If I am through learning, I am through.”  John Wooden

I’ve downloaded this amazing e-book by Thom Hogan.  I browsed the manual that came with my new camera . . . but my goodness – the information presented in the e-book is so thorough, so complete, so overwhelming at times with the technical data he presents . . . but I’m learning so much!  It’s actually quite exciting . . . and I can’t get enough of it!  I still have not really shot anything with the D800E because I want to make sure the settings in-camera are optimal.  But it may take me awhile to absorb all 850 pages of this book!  Somehow I’m sure I’ll find a happy balance . . . 




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