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“I think the word ‘cute’ was made up just for you.  You are cuteness redefined to a whole new level.  Happy Birthday to the cutest and sweetest 2 year old in the whole world!”

Today is Baby Girl’s Second Birthday Party.  Her actual birthday is November 14th –  but the party was today.  We managed to get her down for a good nap prior to the party, and she woke up ready and eager to have fun!  I think she was a bit overwhelmed at first when everyone started showing up, but she soon got in to the swing of things.  She loved being able to go get chips from the food table, and chasing around with all the kids.  When it came time to open presents, she was such a little angel.  I love this shot of her oohing over a present.  I just don’t know how much more adorable a kid can get!  Mommy dressed her in her Halloween outfit (Shirley Temple) since she wasn’t home for Halloween.  This way everyone got to see her at her cutest.  

It was a great fun day, lots of family and friends, awesome presents and one little girl who navigated the whole event like the true Princess she is . . .

And we ate cake!  

Happy Birthday honey!





“I got a rock.”  Charlie Brown

Happy Halloween!  Today didn’t exactly go the way I had planned.  It was a whirlwind from the moment Baby Girl woke up.  We had a full day ahead with a trip to pick up GG (92 yr old Great Grandma), run a few errands with her then off to a Drs appointment in the city.  On the way, we stopped in to see another of GG’s Great Grandkids – this one only 9 months old.  We had a very nice visit – then off to the Drs office we went.  What usually takes only 1 hour expanded to just over two hours . . . not an pleasant thing usually with a two year old in tow.  However, dressed in her Shirley Temple Halloween dress . . . she enchanted everyone in the waiting room.  Following the Dr’s visit, we headed to the airport where my sister was actually checked in to her hotel finally!  (lol – only a day late)  By time I dropped GG off at her Condo and got her settled in, then drove home, it was after 7pm, pouring rain, and too late to take the little one trick or treating.  We live in a neighborhood that is very rural.  I’ve never had a single trick or treater since we lived here.  So . . . we snuggled on the couch and watched some Toy Story and off to bed she went.  She’ll get to really enjoy it next year!



“I think children learn from example.  I don’t believe in raising them in an authoritative atmosphere.”  Kent McCord

I did a photo shoot with my Grand Daughter this morning.  She is going to be Shirley Temple for Halloween.  My Daughter had this completely adorable red and white polka dot dress made just for the occasion.  She’s an incredibly curious almost-2-year-old – so after doing a few different shots with her – I decided to get some shots of her “interacting” with one of my camera’s.  I ended up putting it on the Gorillapod as I was afraid she was going to drop it.  As expected, she was fascinated – especially when I put it on timer mode and had it shooting in 6-shot increments every time the shutter button was depressed.  I love the intent expression on her face in this one.  

I love seeing life with a whole new perception – through the eyes of my Grandkids.  Being a Mom was amazing and I was quite involved and active with my kids growing up.  However, there is a whole other dimension to experiencing life through the eyes of a Grandchild.    





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