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“The wonder of a miracle from which this love began.  There is so much found in the touch of holding a grandchild’s hand.”  Unknown

We’re on the second day of our four day trip to California, staying two nights at my Son’s house just south of Portland, Oregon.  We picked my 5 year old Granddaughter up from Kindergarten and took her shopping at CostCo and Fred Meyer.  Since it was lunch time we thought we’d stop somewhere to eat.  Well, she had her mind set from the moment we mentioned CostCo!  She LOVES their hot dogs.  She says NO ONE makes them like Cost Co.  And she ate the whole darned thing!  Then off to Fred Meyer we went to try on anything pink . . . she ended up with a pink quilted vest and a pink sparkly hat to wear with it.  Quite stylin’.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a picture of her in it.

Isn’t she just so cute??




“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!”  Miley Cyrus

So here we are in Portland at our Son’s.  They have just moved in to a new home . . . after a very long, drawn out and stressful Short Sale process.  It’s their first home . . . so of course we are so very excited for them.  My Granddaughter absolutely loves anything pink.  I’m actually surprised that she’s wearing blue here . . . and her room is a mess because they’ve not had a chance to unpack everything yet.  I had to get this shot in her pink room though . . . and I did over saturate it, and moved the white balance to the pink side as well.  One person on my 365  forum said it looks like a bottle of pepto bismol exploded in there!  How could I resist though?  After all, she told me that she dreams in pink!





“I don’t think I will ever get tired of wearing pink.”  Emma Bunton

My Granddaughter is almost five years old . . . and she loves pink!  I rarely see her in any other colour.  She told me once that she dreams in pink!  I just love her sweet innocent exuberance  and enthusiasm for life.  Oh how I wish I could preserve that for her, store some away for a time when she will need to stock up on it . . . refresh the coffers.  Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to go back to that time in life when we believed that the world was a perfect place?  Even for a few minutes?  Ahh . . . I guess that’s why we have Grandchildren . . . I know I sure get my coffers filled when I’ve been around them!





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