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“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”  George Carlin

We’re still travelling . . . and this is a late night on the road.  We spent a bit too long at the Woodburn Outlets in Oregon and so are arriving late at our destination for tonight.  Baby Girl is in the back seat jabbering away at us, singing songs along with the radio . . . a very pleasant and fun drive even tho it was late and dark.  She has been a bright shining light on this trip.  For a two year old, she is an incredibly happy little traveler.  

I keep saying this, but it’s so true . . . she is so much like her mother at this age.  We traveled every summer from California to Canada from the time she was a baby.  And she was always a happy little traveler, going with the flow whatever we did.  

I took this shot with my iPad as a Semi Truck was passing us.  I liked the effect with the red tail lights . . . 



“The wonder of a miracle from which this love began.  There is so much found in the touch of holding a grandchild’s hand.”  Unknown

We’re on the second day of our four day trip to California, staying two nights at my Son’s house just south of Portland, Oregon.  We picked my 5 year old Granddaughter up from Kindergarten and took her shopping at CostCo and Fred Meyer.  Since it was lunch time we thought we’d stop somewhere to eat.  Well, she had her mind set from the moment we mentioned CostCo!  She LOVES their hot dogs.  She says NO ONE makes them like Cost Co.  And she ate the whole darned thing!  Then off to Fred Meyer we went to try on anything pink . . . she ended up with a pink quilted vest and a pink sparkly hat to wear with it.  Quite stylin’.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a picture of her in it.

Isn’t she just so cute??




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