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“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”  George Carlin

We’re still travelling . . . and this is a late night on the road.  We spent a bit too long at the Woodburn Outlets in Oregon and so are arriving late at our destination for tonight.  Baby Girl is in the back seat jabbering away at us, singing songs along with the radio . . . a very pleasant and fun drive even tho it was late and dark.  She has been a bright shining light on this trip.  For a two year old, she is an incredibly happy little traveler.  

I keep saying this, but it’s so true . . . she is so much like her mother at this age.  We traveled every summer from California to Canada from the time she was a baby.  And she was always a happy little traveler, going with the flow whatever we did.  

I took this shot with my iPad as a Semi Truck was passing us.  I liked the effect with the red tail lights . . . 



“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, Fluttering from the autumn tree.”  Emily Bronte

It’s that time of year again . . . how quickly summer seemed to pass!  The leaves on the trees are turning their gorgeous shades of  red, orange and yellows, and cascading to the ground leaving a beautiful rich carpet.  I just had to get out and play around a bit.  I had a vision of creating a “waterfall” of leaves showering down on the camera.  It didn’t really work out exactly like I wanted . . . but I do like the blown out image.  I would have liked the leaves to be a bit more defined.  I’ll keep working at it, but it’s now raining – our wettest weekend here since May.  I enjoyed playing in the leaves though – brought me back to my childhood in Northern Ontario!




“raspberry:  n-raspberry [ˈraːzbəri] a type of edible red berry.”

So yesterday I posted a picture of the gorgeous and yummy Salmon Berries that are ripening in the park out back.  This morning I decided to check on my raspberry patch – 50 feet of canes that we’ve planted and nurtured of the last few years.  It’s been so wet, and not much sun lately so I wasn’t expecting to see anything red.  Tons and tons of green berries that are going to provide us with a freezer full of fruit here soon . . . so to my surprise I discovered these two beautiful read delectable’s. They didn’t last long though as my 4yr old Great Nephew happened along and then they were gone!  I’m looking forward to the bounty soon enough . . .  





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