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“We’re crazy about this city.  First time we came here, we walked the streets all day, all over town and nobody hassled us… Los Angeles?  That’s just a big parking lot where you buy a hamburger for the trip to San Francisco.” – John Lennon

I left my heart in San Francisco . . . there truly is something about this city that draws one back to it over and over again.  It is a beautiful city – one I love to visit but care not to live in.  That’s because I’m just not a city girl.  I’m a country girl at heart – but love the lights and the history of this golden city.  I know it fairly well as I lived in the Bay Area for many years.  On this particular day, hubby and I were out and about looking to shoot the sunset.  We drove up in to the Oakland Hills, but were un-inspired.  The sun was still above the horizon when we decided to dash the 1/2 hour to Treasure Island.  It was well worth the effort.  I think it must be one of the best vantage points for photographing the lights of San Francisco.  We were a bit late for the good sunset shots . . . but this one I liked with the lights so crisp.  That’s my shadow as I was attempting to get in to the shot.  I had to clamber over some rather large boulders on the water’s edge . . . and finally just gave up and accepted this as my 365 shot.  



“You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.”  William Albert Allard

Well . . . today I got out and started shooting with my new Nikon D800!  Hubby and I went to a local park just around dinner time, that we haven’t been to in years.  It was fun to try out the new lenses on both the D800E and the D7000.  The D7000 is a great camera and will continue to be my go-to for portraits and kid shots.  The files are more manageable considering I take so many pictures of the little ones.  The D800E will be my workhorse for Stock and Fine Art Photography.  I’m so excited after seeing the results from the shoot today . . . some really awesome nature shots that will soon be up on my Smug Mug site.    

This was taken with the D800E, and the 70-200mm 2.8 VRII.




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