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“I think the word ‘cute’ was made up just for you.  You are cuteness redefined to a whole new level.  Happy Birthday to the cutest and sweetest 2 year old in the whole world!”

Today is Baby Girl’s Second Birthday Party.  Her actual birthday is November 14th –  but the party was today.  We managed to get her down for a good nap prior to the party, and she woke up ready and eager to have fun!  I think she was a bit overwhelmed at first when everyone started showing up, but she soon got in to the swing of things.  She loved being able to go get chips from the food table, and chasing around with all the kids.  When it came time to open presents, she was such a little angel.  I love this shot of her oohing over a present.  I just don’t know how much more adorable a kid can get!  Mommy dressed her in her Halloween outfit (Shirley Temple) since she wasn’t home for Halloween.  This way everyone got to see her at her cutest.  

It was a great fun day, lots of family and friends, awesome presents and one little girl who navigated the whole event like the true Princess she is . . .

And we ate cake!  

Happy Birthday honey!





“Let them eat cake.”  Marie Antoinette

Tomorrow is Baby Girl’s second birthday party.  We are expecting upwards of 40-60 people/kids to show up.  So we need lots of food, and lots of cake!  One of my talents is Cake Baker/Decorator.  I used to do custom wedding cakes and special occasion cakes . . . but haven’t done if for money for many years.  I now mainly do it for family special occasions.  I’m prepping the cake here . .  . theme is Bubble Guppies.  I’ve enlisted the help of my husband, who will create the characters out of icing.  They won’t go on the cake until tomorrow morning before the party.  It’s a lot of work to bake and prep the cake, especially when you’re making it to serve that many people.  Cupcakes too!     So – tomorrow you’ll get to see the final result of what I’m working on here.  

Happy soon to be birthday, Baby Girl!




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