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“The modern airplane creates a new geographical dimension.  A navigable ocean of air blankets the whole surface of the globe.  There are no distant places any longer:  the world is small and the world is one.”  ~Wendell Willkie

Well I have to say that Baby Girl traveled amazingly well!  We were lucky enough to get an empty seat beside us so I was able to let her stretch out and sleep.  It was her regular nap time anyway, and she obliged by sleeping the entire 2 hour flight.  That in addition to charming anyone who happened to pass through her aura!  I’m happy to say that the entire trip was uneventful and peaceful.  Even the Border Guard was enchanted by her!  I had all  her documentation in order, from Passport to Birth Certificate to Notarized permissions from both parents.  She was granted entrance to Canada with no problem.  They even stamped her passport for her – something they don’t normally do for US Citizens.  Stay tuned for more updates on Ella’s Canadian Adventures.




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