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“If we would amend the world, we should mend our selves; and teach our children to be, not what we are, but what they should be.”  William Penn

Baby spent the morning at Day Care while I did some chores.  I picked her up at 12:30 and headed to CostCo.  What better place to get lunch, than browsing the sample tables!  She loves it . . . and picked up a few books for her Easter Basket. (She won’t remember, right??) She had a rough night last night, and I think is battling a cold and feeling the stress of not having Mommy around much at all.  Daddy is having surgery on Wednesday, so trying to keep things as normal as possible for her right now.  Even tho she loves me and we have a good bond, there is no one like Mommy to make everything all better.  It was too cold to go to the park today, so we did our CostCo shop and then came home and played and read books till nap time.  




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