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“The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.”  Pearl Bailey

Because I was gone to California longer than anticipated, the paperwork has piled up on my desk.  Being that it is tax season, I have a lot to do to get our financials ready for our Accountant in the next week or so.  Having Baby Girl home with me now puts a bit of a crimp in my plans to deal with it . . . but we’ll work it through!  Minor challenge for the pure pleasure of having her here with us for the next three weeks.  Luckily here in Canada the tax deadline is April 30th.  Today she didn’t take her normal nap in the morning, and only slept 1/2 an hour this afternoon on the way home from taking GG (Great Grandma) to a Doctor’s appointment.  She insisted on sitting on my lap while I worked, and she watched her favorite show – Bubble Guppies (the song of which is now permanently etched in my brain!)  All I can say is that she is pure joy.  So far she is enjoying herself here and not missing Mommy near as much as Mommy is missing her!  But we are only on day one . . . 




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