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“Children will soon forget your presents. They will always remember your presence though.” Author: Anonymous

Today is another snuggle picture with the baby.  Daddy is still in hospital and will be for another week.  Mommy is spending all her waking hours with Daddy.  Baby is really feeling the tip in the equilibrium of her life today.  She’s needing many more snuggles, and is upset easily – not normal behaviour for this very happy child.  I am feeling incredibly blessed to be in a position to help out and to give baby as much normalcy in her life at this time of upheaval as I can.  I’m a firm believer that giving of your heart and time is far more valuable than spending money on presents and just showing up once in awhile.  I will climb on playground equipment and chase them around, go for walks and read stories for as long as I am able.  That’s what these Little’s will remember – not the toys I bought them or the money I spent on them.  Now – that doesn’t mean I don’t like to buy things for them!  Not at all!  However, I’m not that Grandma that will buy them whatever they want to make them happy.  I’d much rather sit in the grass and count bugs with them than wander through a shopping mall spending money on stuff they’ll throw in the corner tomorrow.  

And being there for them in moments like this . . . priceless!




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