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“I see the mind of a five year old as a volcano with two vents: destructiveness and creativeness.”  Sylvia Warner

We’re in Oregon today . . . just south of Portland.  My goodness it is hot!  100+ degrees!  Today is also my Granddaughter’s 5th birthday.  They are waiting to finalize a deal on a new home, so did not plan a party for her.  They had hoped to be moving in this weekend, but with Short Sales there are so many delays and crazy requirements . . . so they can’t move in just yet.  Because it was such a hot day though, we decided to spend the day in the air conditioned Clackamus TownCenter Mall  in Portland.  We thought maybe we could cool off while watching the new Ice Age movie.  Cute movie though a bit long for a 5 year old to sit patiently through.  (The shadow on the right of the top picture is my knee).  

Later in the evening, we had the opportunity to do a walk thru in the new house.  It turns out that the current owners have moved just down the street from where my son is living now – and they are so happy to have my son buying their house.  They are really nice people . . . so we got to get a good look at the place.  My son and his family will be very happy there for a long time . . . The second picture here is of my Granddaughter – she was getting quite impatient with us standing around talking, and so laid down on the tile patio complaining how hot it was.  I had to snap the picture!  Poor little munchkin!  We then went home and had birthday cake that she had picked out earlier in the day.  Yum!  Happy Birthday my little Princess!






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