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“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!”  Miley Cyrus

So here we are in Portland at our Son’s.  They have just moved in to a new home . . . after a very long, drawn out and stressful Short Sale process.  It’s their first home . . . so of course we are so very excited for them.  My Granddaughter absolutely loves anything pink.  I’m actually surprised that she’s wearing blue here . . . and her room is a mess because they’ve not had a chance to unpack everything yet.  I had to get this shot in her pink room though . . . and I did over saturate it, and moved the white balance to the pink side as well.  One person on my 365  forum said it looks like a bottle of pepto bismol exploded in there!  How could I resist though?  After all, she told me that she dreams in pink!





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