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“When summer gathers up her robes of glory,
And, like a dream, glides away.”
~ Sarah Helen Whitman

It’s a bit sad to be taking the pool down . . . a sure sign that the warm days of summer are over.  I’m already noticing a few leaves turning on some of the trees in the neighborhood – which seems awfully early to me.  We’re still getting temps from 18-25 degrees Celsius, but it cools down quite a bit at night so that the water in the pool is not holding the heat.  The Little’s were in it the other day, and were chilled within minutes.  Will have to look in to getting a cover that retains the heat for next year.  Anyway – for now pool season is over.  Ahhh Summer . . . it’s been fun while it lasted!!  Oh well . . . here comes Autumn – my second favorite season. (Don’t let Summer hear this but Spring is my favorite!!)




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