My *** Five Star** Recommendation:

David duChemin is a world renown Photographer, and fellow Canadian . . . whom I have been following since I “discovered” him about a year ago.  Over the past three years he has put together a very talented team of Photographers who have helped him create and publish a library of e-books on photography related subjects – all aimed at helping you to improve  your craft.  I’ve learned so much about focusing, lighting situations, how to see things from different perspectives, and continue to read, absorb, and put in to practice the wealth of information.  

David has just put out a new e-book simply called Finding Focus.  This is just one more of his amazing publications, and at $5 each you can’t go wrong!  Please – click the link  here and check it out.  You really have nothing to lose!  And to top it off – he’s advertising 33% off until midnight tonight to celebrate 3 years since his first e-book launched.  You must purchase a minimum of 10 to get the discount, but I say it’s very, very worth it!  And yes – I do get a small referral fee if you purchase through this link  here . . . so it’s a win/win all the way around right?  I greatly appreciate the support of all my readers, and hope that you find the same value as I do from Craft & Vision’s products.

I will only advertise/recommend products that I truly feel provide great value.