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“I’m queen of my own compost heap & I’m getting used to the smell.”  Ani DiFranco

The City is starting a new Waste Disposal program effective October 1st.  It involves three waste bins – one for Recyclables, one for Organic waste (compost) and one for Garbage.  Organic waste will be picked up every week, but Recyclables and Garbage will alternate weeks.  We live in the country on acreage, so we’ll not put Organic waste at the curb, as we keep a big compost pile out back.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been as diligent about walking out to the compost pile – its just been easier to dump it in the garbage.  Now that garbage is only being picked up every other week, I have to get in the habit of  “taking the walk”.  So today I hauled all the guts from the zucchini that I’ve been processing the last few days.  Interestingly enough, the city allows animal waste in the Organics bin . . . but I won’t allow that in our garden compost.  Also – the coyotes would have a feast off the compost if we put chicken bones and other animal waste out there. 





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