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“I don’t care about my looks but I wish people will see my soul and it appears more clearly in these photographs than in others.” – August Strindberg- said about a series of self-portraits. 

I continue to be supremely challenged to put myself fully before the camera.  It’s so easy to capture a shadow or reflection that gives a suggestion, but not the real image.  Every once in awhile though, I surprise myself and actually capture something I like.  I like this image.  I look content, I look happy.  I am content, and I am happy.  I’m in a great place in my life, with few of the worries, stresses, illnesses of so many people I know.  Unfortunately, I have lost too many dear, close loved ones to cancer or other illness/tragedy way before their time.  

I am not a “religious” person, so therefore I believe that life happens . . . some things we have control over and some things we do not.  In no way is my life perfect, and I’m certainly not perfect.  However, I do believe it’s up to me to live my life to the best of my ability, physically and emotionally.  I am responsible for my own results, and if “life happens”, I have choice in how I deal with it.  If I die tomorrow, it’s the impact and influence I’ve made on the people around me, the ones I leave behind, that carry my spirit forward.  I live on in the energy I create and put out in the world.  That energy can be positive or negative . . . my choice.  

I choose positive energy, as it is the basis of harmony, happiness and love.  




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