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“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”  Oscar Wilde

Today’s 365 photo is quite a switch for me.  I don’t usually go to the “dark side” . . . but I couldn’t resist this when I was fiddling around with different presets and editing in both Photoshop and Lightroom.  One of the guys in my 365 group does some pretty far out and amazing things so I’m just channeling my inner “DigiMax” on this one.  

I liked today’s quote when I read it because I really do believe that to be true.  I make choices every day that create my experience of life.  That experience can be pretty darned wonderful, pretty darned awful, or somewhere in between those two extremes.  Bad things happen in life . . .they just do.  However, I have choice in every moment in how I am going to act or react in any given situation.  That choice impacts everyone within my sphere of influence – be it intimate or casual.  I strive to wake up every morning thinking with a positive mind, looking for the good things in my life and the lives of others . . . I am so very grateful for every moment of my life leading up to today because each of those moments add up to the person I am now.  Some of those moments aren’t so great – I’m not proud of every decision or action I’ve taken . . . but I strive to move forward and learn from each and every one . . . to be better and to be a positive example and influence for those whose lives I do touch.  I’m no saint and I’m far from perfect, but I am happy and ever so grateful for all the love and abundance I have in my life.  





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