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“They say genes skip generations.  Maybe that’s why grandparents find their grandchildren so likeable.”  ~Joan McIntosh

Every year for the past six years I have brought one of my East Coast Grandkids out to the west coast to spend time with family they would not see otherwise.  This year was my 13 year old Grandson’s turn.  He flew out June 20th, and sadly, today is the day he flies home.  We’ve done a lot in the last five weeks including three weeks in Canada (where I live), some time in Oregon, and the last 10 days in California.  He’s a wonderful, caring and loving spirit with that 13 year old boyish zest for life.  It has been my distinct pleasure to “host” him for the past six weeks.  I’m gonna miss you Ty Ty!



“Grandchildren give us a second chance to do things better because they bring out the best in us.”  Unknown Author

I’m so enjoying my time with my 13 year old Grandson who is visiting me from Maryland this summer.  He’s got an awesome disposition and is enjoying his time “out west” very much, but hates having his picture taken!  He humors me, but won’t smile, so I have to try whatever I can to break that deadpan . . . almost got him here! 




“Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.”   Robert Redford, “The Junk Food Companion: The Complete Guide to Eating Badly” by Eric Spitznagel (1999)

We’re at the Lake for a week or so.  The property has the main house, and a smaller one bedroom cabin with no bathroom.  This is where the kids love to hang out and be kids, play cards, sleep . . . oh and suck up all the Coke they can and cram down as many Oreo cookies as possible!  I guess you’re only a kid once eh??  And yeah – once it was all gone, there was no more to replace what only took an afternoon to disappear!  It was intended to last the entire trip . . . oh well!  Good thing I brought lots of water and fruit . . . 



“It’s practically impossible to look at a penquin and feel angry.”  Joe Moore

There is a new act in town!  My grandson was really excited to go see the new African Penquin Exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium.  They are behind glass and well protected from us humans, but cute they are!  I’m reflected in the glass, taking a picture of him taking a picture of the penquins.  We had a very fun day . . . and he came away with a Penquin back pack . . . 




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