“These are the soul’s changes, I don’t believe in ageing.  I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.  Hence my optimism.”  Virginia Woolf

Today was quite the day.  I received a message from my sister last night indicating that she was flying in to Vancouver.   I drove with my 2 year old Grand Daughter the 1 hour in to the city to the airport to connect with her and have a visit before she flew on to where she lives.  I checked to make sure her flight was on time . . . it landed 15 minutes late but it did land.  I called the hotel to see if she had checked in . . . they said they were expecting her.  However she never arrived.  I finally drove to a local Mall where Baby Girl and I did some window shopping, and had a bite to eat.  This photo is taken with my iPad while we were on our way back home, stopped in heavy traffic at a stop light.  It took us almost two hours to get home in heavy rain and traffic.  The amazing thing is . . . she did so well!  We sang songs, and called over bluetooth and talked with Papa G.  It was quite an enjoyable ride considering!  

Now – for the crazy part.

I arrived home in time to get her bathed and down for the night.  All the while I was worrying about why my sister had not arrived . . . it just didn’t make sense.  Did she miss her flight?  Was there an issue with the Hurricane back east?  So, I went back to the message she had sent me on the 29th and discovered . . . that I was the dunce . . . If I had read the entire message . . . it said . . . “I am leaving tomorrow (October 30th) and arriving on October 31st.”  (She was flying in from Bali via Hong Kong)  I guess I saw the word “tomorrow” and went no further!  Urg!  My Bad!!  

Oh Well . . . tomorrow is another day!