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“These are the soul’s changes, I don’t believe in ageing.  I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.  Hence my optimism.”  Virginia Woolf

Today was quite the day.  I received a message from my sister last night indicating that she was flying in to Vancouver.   I drove with my 2 year old Grand Daughter the 1 hour in to the city to the airport to connect with her and have a visit before she flew on to where she lives.  I checked to make sure her flight was on time . . . it landed 15 minutes late but it did land.  I called the hotel to see if she had checked in . . . they said they were expecting her.  However she never arrived.  I finally drove to a local Mall where Baby Girl and I did some window shopping, and had a bite to eat.  This photo is taken with my iPad while we were on our way back home, stopped in heavy traffic at a stop light.  It took us almost two hours to get home in heavy rain and traffic.  The amazing thing is . . . she did so well!  We sang songs, and called over bluetooth and talked with Papa G.  It was quite an enjoyable ride considering!  

Now – for the crazy part.

I arrived home in time to get her bathed and down for the night.  All the while I was worrying about why my sister had not arrived . . . it just didn’t make sense.  Did she miss her flight?  Was there an issue with the Hurricane back east?  So, I went back to the message she had sent me on the 29th and discovered . . . that I was the dunce . . . If I had read the entire message . . . it said . . . “I am leaving tomorrow (October 30th) and arriving on October 31st.”  (She was flying in from Bali via Hong Kong)  I guess I saw the word “tomorrow” and went no further!  Urg!  My Bad!!  

Oh Well . . . tomorrow is another day!



“If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one.  There is no fun for old people like it!”  Hannah Whitehall Smith

The little one is staying on with Ya Ya and Papa G here in Canada while Mommy flies home to California.  (We’ll be driving her back to California in a  weeks time)  We dropped Mommy at the airport in Bellingham this  morning, then went for breakfast at Shari’s Restaurant.  The food was practically inedible . . . but we hung out for a bit waiting for Cost Co to open.  We were in a nice spacious corner booth, so she had lots of room to play and jump and “attack”! I shot this with my iPad, then processed it in Snapseed.  Gotta love these apps!  I love this picture because it really epitomizes my relationship with her.  We adore each other!  She misses Mommy, but she loves her Ya Ya!  

Nuff said!




“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it.  Go out and get busy.”  Dale Carnegie

I set my D7000 on timer and let it shoot away.  This was the best of the bunch, as I was heading off to the airport to pick up my sister who is flying in from Whitehorse, Yukon.  I love the timer feature on my camera(s).  It makes doing this 365 so much easier.  My only challenge is focusing.  To do a shot like this I have to guess where my focus is and hope that it turns out sharp, not blurry.  I was trying for the panning effect in the background as I was rounding a corner at the time.  And it looks like I was fairly successful with my focus this time.  I did process it a bit in LR4 and Topaz Adjust.  




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